The Wardrobe Malfunction?

Wardrobe Malfunctions are a current outgoing topic. its boundaries aren’t defined by the owners of the wardrobe but other critics who sit either in their homes judging people from a 15″ screen or people who sit by the road staring at people walking past.

Well Hello Pandas, Let’s talk about another juicy topic that we all might have experienced irrespective of our genders, caste, creed and colour. it is about Eve teasing and street stalking. Now most of us are aware that wearing anything or even everything would never stop some people from passing comments on us. But what we don’t realize is that these people have their own standards they have unconsciously kept in the bars of their brain that keeps them from thinking beyond their limits.


Let’s talk examples. a person unconsciously defines his own mentality by the kind of people he/she hangs out with, by what programs he watches on the television, by the environment he stays inside the comfort of his home and most importantly how he is brought up. It’s very easy to set standards for our thoughts and then live by them throughout our lives without undergoing or making any efforts to change them, and why not. Changes are challenging both mentally and physically. There is a number of people who talk support and care but most of them do not come forward. The thinking process becomes so stagnant that the brain becomes incapable of any further growth. Hence their actions are a result of stagnant thinking and bad influences.

There are a different set of people who I like to call un-Enlightened. I call them un-enlightened because these people are uneducated or less skilled than their surroundings. These categories majorly comprise of the females of the society from the age group 40 and above. Mostly Home-makers these ladies are habituated to the daily dose of gossip in life. they either get it from daily soaps they watch that portrays ridicule and hatred or is encouraged by their thoughts of the early ’90s bringing up mindset. As much we would like to deny the fact that our neighbour aunties and society women do not ridicule girls or women of working age, but we all know that most of them do if not all. This ridicule up-rises from deep-rooted jealousy of not being able to earn, not being independent and not having to read anything else except magazines that decipher what their thoughts should be like. There are numerous reasons for what people do and why they choose to do it despite knowing that it is wrong and cruel. We will rarely see people supporting each other for their choices in our society thanks to the previous television shows. And to be honest, people cannot really be blamed for being influenced by these programs. It is in human nature that we learn what we see and perceive. Of course, perception matters a lot, but not everyone has the capability to act on everything they perceive.

  • Perspective change

Well, over time the past decade has been noticed to have significant changes in television shows and better options for entertainment. The mass media has changed into self-improvement cinema and stories. This has brought about changes in the way people think and learn. The massive shift from Television to Internet mass media entertainment has brought about tremendous changes in our society. People are more aware and alert. They know their surroundings and are open to changes. Yet we still are judgmental but that little hypocrisy is allowed given that we are a developing nation. Nut eve-teasing still prevails. commenting on what we wear and how we prefer to carry ourselves around, but hasn’t it decreased? to a significant amount yes.

  • Women Eve-teasing men

When we talk about eve-teasing we often perceive men eyeing women and commenting and cooing. But women do not shy away from eve-teasing men also in this era. Many men have been called and cooed and even teased by women, which is growth though in the wrong direction but seeing the entirety of the situation over time, I think you all will agree with me.

Not only do men and women face this eve-teasing but also the children and members from Queer and LGBT community. Yes! Thinking of this we can also see that India as a nation is evolving in all aspects but are we moving more towards freedom or ridicule? Whatever the changes might be they can always be categorized into the wanted and unwanted changes.

  • Not your fault

After diluting all these aspects, we must come back to the agenda of our constant shift to reacting when we come across situations like these. First never blame yourself for being the victims of eve-teasing, because irrespective of what you wear you are never asking for it. And np one ever wears anything with the thought in their mind that, “I would like to be eve teased in this dress”.

No, it is not your fault. No, it is never your choice rather it is the thought that has been sitting in that stagnant rotting mind who chose to comment over what you wear rather than bringing out Change in their mindset. So should you avoid it? Never.

Many of us think that if we do not respond to such nasty comments and nagging things in life it will leave us after a certain point of time. But it never really does. Remember one thing even if we don’t react to a particular situation we always know we should, and this regret builds up over time. I’m in no way encouraging violence here nor am I discouraging reactions. But when you know that there isn’t any need of taking a strict action maybe we can be subtle about our reaction and still make them feel sorry or re-think their catcalling. Just a simple set of actions will make them feel bad.

  • Make them stop

Look at Their feet. Stalkers go crazy when people constantly stare at their feet and them look up and say “Get well soon, You should see how you are looking right now.” be prudent about your action and do not smile. When we look at their feet they go crazy because according to social norms and thoughts one person’s social status can be set by how groomed their feet are. There we go. Simple and Strong. And making that comment about their faces while staring at you or Cat-calling will make them self conscious too. This will prevent them from making any such moves in further life without having to rewind this incident. One more plus point? you will never regret not reacting and by this simple act, you can be pretty sure that maybe you took a step in the direction of Change. But we must also beware of the wicked ones in which case reporting such acts to the cops is a helpful thing you can do for your fellow citizens.

So pandas wear what you want and carry yourself around with pride because other’s reaction is never a consequence of your wardrobe but because of their own chaotic and ridiculed minds.


Change and Grow Pandas.

See you again!

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