The Virginity Establishment.

Virginity of a girl means more the society than the same of the men, and obstruction if this norm that the society wants is a “sin”. The status, character and life choices of a woman are often judged based on this basic thing which isn’t even reliable. Well, the good thing is that our society, the younger generation is moving towards a more freedom-abled thought process.

If any person is more interested in learning about this status in life from the opposite gender then maybe it’s time to rethink our choices. And I’m not just talking about girls, about boys too. Sex is a natural thing and as tabooed as it appears in India, it should be a majorly debatable topic. the generation shift towards not relying on one’s body but the mind is a major step that we are taking ahead. But is our society ready for it yet?

White colour is a symbol of sanctity. A colour that brings peace to our mind.   White refers to sober and saint-like characteristics which automatically creates a clean image of a person in our mind.

In today’s world where wearing white is a trend it still isn’t difficult to judge a person when he or she wears white, because judging one person be it or not is everyone’s habit. Especially here in our Nation India everyone is bothered more about other’s lives rather than to check what they have in front of them.

It isn’t surprising anymore because most of us are used to the norms where people judge almost everyone walking on roadside commenting on how they walk, talk and what they choose to wear.

This gets quite common when we move ahead on the race of age where middle-aged people, find entertainment in other’s life because their life doesn’t have much to talk about. In such cases, the younger generation becomes the vital point of everyone’s discussion and their habits, lifestyle and even their attire begin to make huge arguments in society.

  • The twist

Where still white is sacred and clean colour, no one could have imagined it is or can be used to turn a girl’s world upside down on her wedding night. In some parts on India white decides the fate of a newlywed bride on her wedding night, that she will be staying in her in-laws or she shall be left alone to live her entire life because of a white bed sheet that was laid down on her bed to decide her further life.

Virginity is a major factor still when arrange marriages are matched. A guy is deliberately anxious to know whether his future bride is a virgin or not. The white bed sheet laid down by the family members help them to find whether their daughter-in-law is a virgin or not, by bloodstains. If there is a bloodstain on the bed sheet the bride can live her happily ever after with her husband but, if there are no blood stains the bride is left alone.

  • Role of Illiteracy 

Illiteracy plays a major role over here or maybe lack of the knowledge that even if a girl is a virgin, she doesn’t need to bleed on her first encounter of sex. The hymen is the membrane that relates to the virginity but its presence or being ruptured cannot be considered as a valid proof for deciding virginity. One thing which is strange to be accepted is that most of the boys and men in our society want to commit physically but they want a virgin wife.

  • Statistic backup

Well taking this statistically the sex-ratio in most of the states is 8/10, that is for every 10 boys there are equivalent 8 girls. So considering that about 6-7 boys out of ten had committed physically to their spouses, the probability of them getting married to a virgin girl ranges from  1-2.

  • Hymen rupturing 

Also, another fact to be kept in mind is that the “hymen” or the membrane of virginity may break if the girl had been physically active in sports such as cycling, swimming, running, jumping. One should also remember that the hymen may persist even after the first sexual encounter or during masturbation. Its time for people to realise that living on myths about virginity and staining the covers on their first night isn’t a relevant fact to rely on.

When we can get accustomed to western culture that having sex before marriage isn’t bad on a guy’s side why do we still keep our children especially girls away from such exposure to the information?  Either we should ask our men to keep their pants up and wait until their wedding night or spread the awareness that it isn’t important what happened to your spouse or whom she slept with or did she even sleep with anyone before because everyone has a past. If she respects yours and she isn’t bothered about you being a virgin or what difference does it make anyway whether she is a virgin or not.

As for me, I think relationships are built on trust and present. Trust her, Respect her and realise the fact that for the time to come till eternity or till you both shall live, she is yours. And everything else just doesn’t matter.

Let the white cloth that wasn’t stained not be a bump that spoils your newlywed life. See you next time pandas with more exciting articles to help you grow.


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