The Vegan Way

The Vegan Way

Hello breadcrumbs, welcome back to another article that is about food. YES, you heard me.
FOOD! We are so passionate about food in this era, you look around and you will see food bloggers, chef, recipe websites and so much content related to food only. Even though a majority of the world consumers are meat-eaters, this idea of veganism is still brimming excitement amongst many more around the world.

Although there is a clear differentiation between those who eat meat and those who don’t yet veganism now has a lot more going on with multiple perspectives which can drive your conscience to shift your food habits.

Veganism now.

Earlier in ancient India veganism was a popular choice of lifestyle where people ate only fresh produce and depended on animals only for milk, curd and other milk-derived products. This concept of a vegetarian lifestyle often known as ascetic life was more of a sage lifestyle. Yet with times food choices changed with India being colonized being ruled by British’s which brought in a lot of diversity in food. Yet veganism now is about abandoning everything that comes from animals, like milk cheese, butter, curd and other milk-derived products.

Why should we give up?

The amount of effort and damage we do to our environment only to breed the animals to be grown enough to generate meat account to the majority of deforestation that we have been facing around the globe. Forests are burn down to ashes to clear land for building farms and pasture lands to feed the cattle and birds, and twice as much effort goes into making them “fat edible meat” that what the would naturally consume. The law of nature is the fittest amongst all survives but, here we are creating more chaos than ever to munch on that juicy burger with one pound of meat in it. So planting more trees isn’t important anymore, saving the ones we have is, and around 56 million acres of land down to foster and raise the cattle the world has been hogging on. There are multiple health hazards related to meat-eaters, cardiac arrest being on top of all.

But our ancestors ate meat too!

No, this has been a major misconception that early humans fed on animals. There have been several finding across the world that prove that we have mostly been vegan ever since the evolution of our entire race. The reason why proofs weren’t found for this before is that plants obviously degrade sooner than animals and the residues that were saved are too minor to trace in fossilized rocks. The major win without any proof is that humans are primarily incisor teeth type animals which is enough proof that we were designed to be plant-eaters.

But meat provides a lot of protein!

No, my friend, that is not true. Meat provides protein in the most indigestible form for a Human being. We don’t have the system to digest meat in our body, because nature didn’t design our bodies that way. Simple proof? Our intestines are equivalent to the intestines of a herbivore, long and time taking whereas that of a carnivore is short. Results over the past few decades from one of the topmost performing athletes like Bryant Jennings – boxing heavyweight title contender, Morgan Mitchell – Australian two times 400m race champion, Patrik Baboumia – World record-holding- Strongman, and Kendrick Farris – American record holder – weightlifting. These athletes shifted to a vegan diet for the longest time they can remember and now are the top-notch athletes in their profession. WITHOUT EVEN MILK!
So what’s your excuse? There must have been jokes on them when they did so, but the results they achieved later on vegan diet shut everyone’s mouth.

It makes a man strong down there?

No-uh-uh ladies and gentlemen, for the big reveal. Males on a vegan diet perform better and last better in bed, they are proven to have strong, lasting boners with good blood flow and good stamina too. This is a proven fact, visit The Game Changers to find out more about the vegan lifestyle.

But how to give up?

It is simple. Start slow. I’m trying to give up and there are times I slip. But you know what? It is okay! Because I’m trying. There are a lot of yummy options for vegan food that is so much yummier than feeding on animals and animal-derived products. I may stick to curd because I can’t give up that but slipping sometimes when you are starting is perfectly okay. Relax you won’t have withdrawal symptoms!
We are lucky, as Indians have a majority of their food categorized under vegan, but still worried about your nutrition? Click here to resolve all your doubts.

However the facts and world may present food remains a personal choice, but if you want to live a sustainable and healthy life I would recommend you watch the documentary “The game changers” at least once.

See you next time!

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