The Growth Curve

The Growth Curve

Hello, lovelies! Its post valentine week and I thought how about a personal growth post?

Well in busy schedules of dates, work meetings, and shopping, somehow most of us aren’t organized enough. We tend to forget things. 

 So here, I bring you the Growth curve, to analyze your progress and keep you on track. Let’s get started, shall we?

Sooner or later in life, we might feel the need to stay organized and keep track of things to make our days smoother. The most catchy thing about staying organized is that its a habit. Once you get in the practice of listing out everything you wish to do in a day, it is really hard to go back. 

 We have 86400 seconds every day and yet somedays we feel that 24 hours arent just enough to be productive.  

Imagine every morning you wake with 86400 in whatever currency you use, but obviously, there’s a catch to this. the amount of time you waste or sloth is equivalent to the amount of currency you lose like if you wake up at 10, you lose 10,000 of those points. Would you still procrastinate? No right! Time is Money baby! 

If you lose time just because you are trying to figure out what to do next, you are losing not just your time but an opportunity to turn things around. 

 So how to get started?


Once you have decided that you want to start planning, take baby steps ahead. Don’t do full stretch, it can be a little overwhelming. check out these organizing tools to help you get started. My favourite among these mentioned is app. It has several integrations and organization methods, it is the best one I have used so far. you can also use the Google tasks to accomplish your day if you like something more minimalistic. 




  • Reward yourself


When we try to start something new to incorporate it into our lifestyle, it is tricky to keep up. we can forget things, and be inconsistent. The rewarding system is the best when it comes to being consistent in our paths. but it is important to know when to reward yourself. do it before you finish a task, it creates discontinuity which leads to unsatisfactory effects. Hence, it keeps you going!



  • Divide and Conquer



Segregating your tasks is a great way of getting organized. Divide your to-do lists. Make a different shopping list, tasks to complete, workout plans and list all such similar tasks in one category.

This way the cluttering will be prevented. 


  • Start Journaling

Indian education system lacks to give the students the habit of pre-planning, hence most of the people don’t practice journaling at all. But it is a great habit. just take any book and list out your monthly, weekly and daily plans, goals, and others. Pinterest is a great platform if you wish to explore journaling. Just start a bullet journal and you will never go back. There are a number of online journals available too if you don’t wanna keep a dedicated notebook for it. Keep it basic or glam it up!


  • Time out



Don’t be harsh on yourself for missing out a couple of days in the middle. Good things take time to build up, Just be resilient and do what feels right. It’s okay to cheat sometimes, but always remember why you started so that it is not difficult to come back. 




  • Graph your growth


As you progress you will see that you have become more consistent and productive. You can mark your progress in a graphical format just so that it is visual. Humans are visual beings. So just lay it out. This enables you to keep track of your habits easier than flipping through pages or scrolling long to find that specific date.



  • MindMaps


Mindmaps are the next level visual approach you can create for work. just draw out things connected with arrows to help you spot your thoughts better. I use Xmind to sort my thoughts for work, articles, and studying.




  • Keep the phone away


I know how difficult it is to keep yourself from checking your phone constantly and stop the urge to keep checking social media every single time. Do a digital detox, and guess what I have an app for this too. heard about the forest app? I know how ironic it is to use an application to stay away from using others, but trust me this is available on browsers and mobiles. So never stray away from work again!


These are the productivity tools I often use, and I am sure that you will find them useful too. Let me know how useful were these to you. 

Sayo Nara.

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