The Dominance Enforcement

The Dominance Enforcement

Dominance enforcement is another technicality that might be one of the major reasons why men rape women. Or for that matter other men. And dogs. We live in an era where the thoughts of progression in society make the allegedly “male-dominated society”, afraid that they will lose their status and power of superiority over females. I am aware that these types of sexual assaults are no more gender limited, but today let’s focus on the culture that has evolved into what we see today for a greater period of time. Women involved in these crimes is a topic for another day.

Hello and welcome back to my blog, today we will know why is there a crime as brutal as rape, which is no more bound to nay gender or species even. Why this degressive crime occupies the minds of people in today’s world.

As much as we would like to blame the system and parents for bringing up their boys the “the wrong way”, we really must focus on the facts that what causes men to perform such brutal and inhuman assaults. Do they forget that they have a family? Or is it just in a spur of the moment that they decide they want to have sex?

Well, some of it might be true but, not all of it is. Rape isn’t ever just physical torture but it is emotional and psychological. It doesn’t just affect the victim, but also affects the accused’s family. In no way am I in support of mercy for such heinous crimes but as a sensible citizen, it is my duty to bring various aspects of these types of crimes in front of my readers. Rape is a systematic set of psychologically disturbing events that makes people act the way they do. Let us see what are the various reasons behind these acts.

Rape culture dates way back in time

In the case where men are rapists, we must go back centuries when women were only a tool, just people who should stay at home, prepare food for their families, procreate and die. They were and in some parts of our country are still taught to put their dreams and ambitions into the furnace to be burnt with no ashes left but only so to take the responsibilities of the family. However, a woman is treated with she is taught that her husband is her god, and she must never fail to please him. Emotionally or otherwise. This very mentality of the society has unknowingly or knowingly given the men a unique stature which makes them think that they are somehow above women. Now, this trend has changed we are living in a technical age where we talk about equality and justice. Women are a part of every field and are creating a bright future for themselves. This is the first and foremost “violation” to a man’s ego, not all of them but definitely of those who rape. These men somehow believe that women should never be treated equal to men, and their success, outspoken-ness scares them. They are afraid of being led by women and more afraid that they will lose control. Hence they rape. Either their wives or other women, to show the victims their status and dominance over them.

Some men, however, cross all limits of humanity and treat women like animals if not worse. This hatred and intent to hurt to an extent to kill come from deeply rooted disturbance, anger and sadism.  It won’t be wrong to say that these type of men are psychopaths. They have only one intention which is to hurt. Verbal, emotional, sexual abuse is only starters for them. Some of the worst recorded rapes include mutilation, poisoning, burning alive either full body or parts, torture with acids etc. Sometimes according to them, their penis isn’t enough so they consider inserting objects like candles, tube lights, beer bottles and worse breaking them once they are inside. One of the most terrifying cases recorded in New Delhi, the victims’ reproductive internal organs were pulled out mercilessly and the victim was left to bleed naked on the road. These cases paint a very disturbing picture in front of our eyes but also depict the extents brutality to which these criminals go to harm the victim in every possible way. So what and who is to blame for this? The victim? or The society?

What is consent?

If you choose to blame the victim and say that “she was asking for it”, then maybe you need to rethink about your approach as a person from this era. A woman will never ask for forceful intercourse.  Some of the accused when interviewed in jail, acclaim that the woman liked it when they were raping them. They said they make a fuss about it when clearly they were enjoying it. What they don’t, and many of the people don’t understand is that consent is verbal. Not physical. The human body is likely to lubricate any sexual intercourse and sexual stimulation because procreating is an essential part of our lives. So the body, reacting to any sexual stimuli isn’t accountable for consent. Consent is verbal, and unless she says Yes, any such advances aren’t acceptable.

As for the blame game the society loves to play, that it is always the girl’s fault, then how would you explain the rape of a six-month-old girl, or an 80-year-old woman, a seventeen-year-old boy, and a dog? How would you justify a woman wearing a burkha being raped? It is high time we stop blaming the victim, no one ever goes out of their home getting ready with a hope of being raped. It is horrific that people still think victim-blaming is okay.


Do prostitution and Pornography Increase rape?

If you think that prostitution and pornographic content encourages such irrational behaviour then think again. We as a nation are the pioneers of erotic literature, “Kamasutra”. If sex was really bad our ancestors wouldn’t have mentioned a whole book about erotic pleasure. Sex is not bad, is a primal natural behaviour. It is a representation of one’s love for others. Although sex has various other reasons and benefits, it is primarily done for pleasure. But what we forget is, our pleasure should never be someone else’s pain. Then it would be sadistic. Porn and prostitution have little to no contribution to these crimes. People, however, have created categories such as punishment and rapes under the porn websites which is wrong, but it isn’t the only factor to be blamed. Some of the arguments say that legalizing porn and prostitution in India will solve these issues, but again we forget that rapes aren’t just about sex. It is more about exerting control. It cannot be just defined for sexual advancements and violation. This issue is basically about exerting power and practising it on people. It’s more about control. It’s about enforcement of feelings. Do you think that people who visit brothels, don’t rape? Then according to this justification married men, brothel visitors should not rape. Also if you say that educated people don’t take such harsh steps, why are date rapes happening?

Sexual workers also have been recorded that their clients have raped them. But why don’t they register cases? Because the common response that comes with complaints about rapes from sex workers is that, isn’t that their job? To sell their bodies. To sleep and have sex with men for money? It is their job, but not if they said No. There is no account, no human rights for the Indian sex workers. Being denied of basic human rights they cannot even claim to be forced during their jobs. Many of them are victims of human trafficking and hence their will to fight has long been extinguished. Them succumbing to such criminal proceedings and silence in these immoral activities represent how lawfully weak we are as a democracy. Many successful democratic and republic countries have legalized prostitution however their sexual assault and rape numbers are reported higher than India.

So is the accused to be blamed? Yes, they chose to step out of their boundaries of not only violating a Person physically and emotionally but also in most cases now, murdering them.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere



Now only talking about the problem will not solve them, what needs to be done then? Well, justice anywhere if served fast will set fear in the minds of people who think that they will get away with rapes because it will take a long time for the legal system to punish them.  Also, there must be a no-bail system in relation to crimes that fall into the categories of sexual assault, murder and others. No-bail system with quick justice serving will be a good enough example to set fear in the minds of these people who intend on doing anything similar to rapes. Andhra Pradesh’s current CM Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy has stepped forward and declared that there will be a separate court for such crimes that relate to sexual assault and justice will be served soon within 3 weeks of the crime. We as a nation should together make decisions like this and establish courts like this all across India to be able to serve justice.

Let us all step forward and take an oath to be there for anyone who is in need. Until next time, Jai Hind



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