The decade bygones

As we entered into another decade, there are a few things we will always look back to. The bygones may include digital trivia, the achievements of our country. We were so busy in creating the big picture that we forgot to take care of the minor details. We reached Mars. We elected a prime minister who is compared to Hitler (now). Amongst all these achievements we also empowered our women. Women who otherwise in our country were only respected in temples. Praised, kept with their sanctity were given equal opportunities. We aced the world from being CEO’s of reputed organizations to becoming entrepreneurs and taking charge of our lives.

But have we achieved it all?

Let me make that simple for you. Here are 5 reasons India is still behind and falling apart in the race to become a developed nation.

As we empowered woman and taught them to ace their career games and manage their personal lives as well we somehow forgot to teach our sons how to live with empowered women. And to be honest it is not their fault as well. For ages men lived in the patriarchal society as ours, watching women taking care of our families, sacrificing their dreams to gives wings to their children, that we got used to seeing them fragile, weak and submissive. We forgot that women are in fact really strong. We portrayed women as weak objects in our houses who didn’t deserve to be respected until she was a god. We taught our sons to see women as inferior to them in lives that now when they saw so many women being in power and influential positions, they were scared. Vulnerable and rather confused about their “fake” masculinity. They were taught that they are superior. How come a woman is Leading them? Some with open minds accepted this change and worked along, and some bottled up their egos only to let them out later in a drastic way. Hence all the sex crimes, and hatred. The rest is history.

  • We declared LGBTQ communities legal but forgot people to educate about respecting choices.

India made some bold decisions this decade and will always be remembered for it. But is just declaring these communities legal solving the issue? We forget that with the free expression of sexual preferences and being who you are isn’t just enough to be able to live in this country. Where we get targeted for speaking up our minds, how can one even think of loving the same-sex people in a majority homophobic country? Some political parties have made it a point to materialize these decisions and pull us back centuries, were in fact unknown to them, homosexuality existed. People with these stagnant thoughts who despise the change in any form keeps pulling us backwards by terrorizing people with their violent “teachings”.

  • With emerging technologies, we forgot to secure our future generations

It is no surprise that the entire world is now engulfed in what we call a digitally emerging world. We are ow surrounded by such phenomenal devices that everything is just one click away. Indeed. Even pain, depression, violation of privacy, and endorsing sexual content in the name of glamour. Of course, there are many advantages of technology but none of our moral educations includes the correct way to use them. Children at a very young age are exposed to the internet, books are replaced by audiobooks and YouTube. Outdoor games are replaced by video games. The exposure to the internet is so much that it inhibits the mental growth of a child depriving him of learning rejections, coping up with personal feelings like anger, anxiety etc. security seems to be compromised at most levels because as “cool” as the young generation thinks it is to get on the internet it is only naïve of us to think that they can cope up and not compromise their security in getting carried away.

  • We forgot that normal is acceptable

Normal is not acceptable. this is the norm today’s generation is living with today. In this age where everything must be “Instagram-able”, we have created a void within our personal lives which we fill by validation for others. Before savouring any moment we take a picture first to tell the world. This creates a constant need to seek approval and to compete with others. We define our choices and ambitions on the basis of how popular it will make us. This materializes every aspect of our lives and mostly makes people depressed. 72% of the people using social media apps online aren’t even aware of their depression. Everything is hash-tagged and everything is just shown business. Its time we cope with it in reality. It is okay to be normal and is also important for us to realize that everyone has their own growth pace.

  • Feminism lost its meaning.

While we were broadly promoting feminism in India we actually forgot to describe its actuality and meaning. More than a concept about being about empowering women and bringing them up in society we thought its just meaningless demeaning men. Of should I say females-plaining. More than half of the crowd doesn’t even know what feminism is. The truth no one wants to hear, women nowadays think that they deserve to be treated special because they are a female. And somehow the entire world is indebted towards her for the age-old discrimination women have faced. While these are the same women who seek favours in public situations in the name of feminism rather than working hard for it.  Feminism has become a term to enable lazy freeloaders to get away out of situations where they have to compete. Being a woman myself, I don’t believe I should be privileged because of my gender. But I must also not be discriminated against the same. It is as simple as that. If I stand up for my right to be paid equally for a job my fellow male colleague, it is feminism. If I make a point that I should be paid more than my boss or someone who has a greater qualification than mine just because I’m a woman, it doesn’t make me a feminist.


These were the things I felt should be highlighted once, to landmark the beginning of an era while we bid goodbyes to one. Enjoyed the read? comment if I missed something because we are all about improvement right?

Until next time pandas

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