When People talk skincare the first image we get in our heads is of a woman sitting with her head wrapped in a towel and lots of product on her face. Breaking this stereotype we must know that skincare is an essential step everyone must take up in their lives. If you are a male, and you think that you don’t need skin care because it is for women, think twice.

Researches have shown that people who look good, feel good and this boosts up their confidence better. Even though it is often said never judge a book by its cover, it is often so that people do judge you by the way you carry yourself. If something as simple as skin-care daily can boost your confidence up, then it is a safe bet. Isn’t it?

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Skincare is an essential part of any routine, for anyone. Be it a male or female, old or young. This part in one’s routine conquers one major strategy, that boosts your levels of performance, even in academics where education has been raised above books and now is all about presentation and confidence, social life or your sex life. If you are a man/boy and you think skincare is only for women there is nothing more wrong than that notion alone.


Let’s get into this, there are not too many steps you have to follow to get that glowing skin. Just 3 every day and you are sorted. Remember the rule of
3-steps twice a day, 7 days a week.



Step 1 Cleansing.

Cleansing one’s skin is a major step because you have to get that gunk out o your skin right? It is what forms the base for the growth of bacteria, so you wanna avoid acne? Clean your skin. Now obviously you can’t clean your skin efficiently with just water, you need to use a soap or a cleanser for it. But which one to go for? There are so many in the market. The choice is yours, you know what suits you, and what doesn’t.


So cleansing is the first step after you wake up so that you can wash off all the previous nights’ products you used in skincare. Cleansing must be done at least twice, but if you live in a humid area, and your skin feels sticky make sure you wash it during day time too. When you come home, from work or in general from out it is mandatory that you clean your skin to make it dirt free and pollution-free. It might not look dirty to you, but trust me, it is. Now, of course, everyone l=knows the basic drill right, but I’m just reminding you, once in the morning post waking up, and once at night after coming home, and before bed.

Step 2 Toning

Using toners on your skin is like providing it water to drink up. Toners are just some plant extract infused water that helps in regeneration and maintaining your skins pH balance. Now there are many toners in the market for different reasons, some reduce your acne, some rejuvenate your skin, some provide glow but the basic benefits are the same for all.

    •  Maintaining skin pH balance
    • Reducing the appearance of pores
    •  Improves uneven skin tone
    •  Prevents ingrown hairs
    •  Hydrates skin
    •  Diminishes appearances of fine lines
    • Makes skin glow and look young

So next time you wanna skin this step think twice. It is like renewing your skin every time you apply some toner.


The best way to apply a toner is not via cotton pads. Just pour some out on clean hands and dab it into your face. And press it. It will do the job of making the skin absorb the goodness and give you better results. The excess that’s on your hands, rub it on your body.

Step 3 Moisturize

This is the most important step and NEVER skip it. Some people who have oily skin skip this step thinking their face is already greasy, it will make it worse but that’s wrong. Not moisturizing your face will secrete extra oil to compensate the same which will give you larger pores and prone to acne. Moisturizing applies to all skin types, gender and age. It is also important that you choose a moisturizer that suits your skin and doesn’t react with your previous products. To avoid this try using products of the same line/range.


Never skip this step, unless you wanna look old, and greasy. Giving your skin the nourishment of moisturizer is making it more supple and plump. It will make your skin happy, and you are going to look great.

Step 4 Sunblock

Sun protection is crucial in everyday life, especially when we are living in 2020 and it doesn’t get any better with each coming year. Also, know that apart from CTM it is important that you use sun-block sun protection. If your moisturizer has SPF (Sun protection factor) then it is great, but it doesn’t mean that you can skip this step. Wear a sunblock every day or else the three steps you did are all going down the drain.

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Don’t assume that if you’re staying home you don’t need to wear sun protection. You have to because we are surrounded by devices and all of them emit blue light which is UV rays and those are the exact things we must be using sun-block for.
If you are staying at home an SPF 15 should be fine for you.
Go for a sunblock that is at least SPF 30 and if you are going for sun-bathing you need to be wearing at least an SPF 50 if you are not planning on getting super tanned. Or even burnt.

Protection from the Sun will prevent you from getting tanned, and freckles that are forming under your skin. Exposure to UV rays will eventually make your skin look dull, and cause wrinkles. If not worse, which is Skin cancer Just put on some every day and you will be fine.

Physical vs Chemical Sunscreen

There are two types of sunblock products, one chemical and other physical. The main difference between it is Chemical type gets into your skin and protects from sun rays, but the Physical ones act as a shield on your skin and don’t allow the sun rays to penetrate your skin at all. They can be thought of as a mirror that bounces off lights from its surface.

My personal Preference is Physical Sunscreen because the chances of it contributing to your acne are low. They might have a white cast to it when you apply it, but gets normal in like 5-1o mins and you can be stress-free. Applying sunblock every 3 hours is important, especially if you are working outdoors.

A quick tip: Apply sunscreen down to your neck and ears too.



Golden rule: Whatever skin-care you apply, take it down to your neck.


Weekend care


    • Steam


To soften the texture on your face that is mainly due to whiteheads and blackheads, you must take steam on your face, for about 15 mins minimum, so that all the gunk can be cleared out while scrubbing. Taking steam opens up your pores and lets you clean those deep and well.

    • Scrub


Scrubbing your face is important, and must be done every week or in a gap of 3-4 days each. Using scrubs frequently can cause skin damage and irritation so DO NOT USE SRUBS DAILY. These. products come in granular consistency so that those micro-beads can roll out all the dirt from your pores. Scrubbing is most beneficial when it is done after taking steam as, post steaming the product need not be rubbed hard on your face, and mild/ gentle pressure can give you good results.

    • Mask

Applying a mask after scrubbing is a good idea, as this ensures that your pores are sealed back and tight so avoid any gunk entering your pores again. It is like Safety lock after the cleaning process, to avoid. any pollutants and dirt settling into your pores after you have taken all the effort to clean them. Also, open pores invite more oil secretion which leads to acne.


Just following these three basic steps, and some weekend pampering is going to get you covered for your minimal skin-care routine. Following these ensure that you maintain the sanity of your skin and let it be all bouncy and glowy every day.
Incorporating these steps in your routine is going to take a maximum of 10 mins, and everyone can spare that in their life for themselves.


Until next time folks,

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