Sales Strategy in Pandemic

Sales Strategy in Pandemic

Today many entrepreneurs are struggling with their sales. Topline of many companies are affected very
heavily. I will give you a few tips on how to jumpstart your business amidst the coronavirus pandemic
and how you can keep breathing above water. You might in fact grow in between this pandemic. Just as
an arrow needs to be pulled back to be launched forward at a fast rate think of this period as that pull back time!!! Now lets jump straight into the tips:

  • Start an online store of your product or service: If you haven’t done this already or aren’t taking steps to create it then you are being left 20 years behind. These are tough times and tough times need people who can adapt to the situation. It doesn’t matter now how good you were in convincing the customer to buy your product face to face but now it won’t work because he/she won’t even come face to face with you. Starting an online store is not as difficult as you are thinking. There are lots of websites where you can just drag and drop a few options and you can kick-off. Wix, Shopify & WordPress are a few popular names among them. You can even hire freelancers who can help you out in the process. A word of caution though please hire freelancers from a trusted place otherwise there are lots of scammers who will take your money and never give you any value. 


  • Start creating content: Online world is pretty different from the real world and selling here requires completely different skill sets than the real world. Here people can compare your product with others’ products with just a few clicks.  It’s all about the game of visibility. “Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai”. Your product needs to be ranked more than other products in Google search engine. And to rank higher in the search engine you need to provide some engaging content on your website. And the more you start creating content more and more people will be hooked up to your website. It takes time but it works. I wouldn’t recommend you to take help of SEO algorithms because they might give you short term results but once Google realizes what you are doing your website will be removed or blacklisted.  Make a video about your product or service and start posting it on YouTube and your website. And gradually people will know about you and the footfall of your website is going to increase!!!


  • Innovate: Steve Jobs was a great innovator not because he knew technology better than anyone but he knew his customers better than anyone!!! With the pandemic of coronavirus, the needs of customers have been forced to change. And it’s going to be the same for a pretty long period of time. So you need to adapt your product or service to the current need of the customers. Instead of blaming a micron long virus for all your misery you can take things into your hands and start engaging with your customers in a better manner. In the news recently I heard of a Jeweler who was selling vegetables and groceries from his jewellery shop. Tough times tough steps.  At least the guy is taking responsibility and not waiting for the govt to fix his situation.  Understand the needs of your customer!!! Innovate!!!  


  • Understand your customers:  In the tough times, you can distinguish between who is your loyal customer and who isn’t. On whom you were spending most of your time with least results and on whom you were spending less time but they were your most loyal. Weed out those idiotic customers and start focusing on your loyal customers. Based on Pareto’s principle, 20% of your customer would be contributing to 80% of your revenue.  I want you to focus on that 20 % of customer. Delight them give them more than what they had expected.


  • Become a consultant instead of a salesman: I want you to become a consultant instead of a salesman.  A salesman is seen as a conman who is looking to sell his/her product to you. But a consultant is seen as someone who is going to help people out with their product or service.  A salesman speaks 80% of the time and listens 20% of the time whereas a consultant speaks only 20% of the time and listens 80% of the time.

We are truly facing an unprecedented time in recent history. Lots of people who weren’t really bringing value to the economy will be exposed. They are going to fall. If you have cared enough to read through these many words of mine, then you definitely aren’t one of that Showbiz. And I bet you are actually looking to work on your business and make it a success.  Apply these principles on your business, and you will definitely see a “J” curve on your revenue.


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