Reasons to Read

Reasons to Read

A person who reads lives many lives before he dies, but a person who doesn’t read lives just one. Ever felt that a TV series, or a movie perhaps didn’t do justice to the book it was adapted from?

Welcome back to my blog, today we shall discover why reading is the best habit to incur in your lifestyle and its benefits. Before we get started, if you are interested in building up a good reading list in 2020, stick till the end. I have curated a book list for you to read comprising of different genres. Let’s get started

Improves focus

Reading anything for more than 15 mins can help you direct your energy into one direction specifically because the amount of understanding and input our brain puts into something that gets you hooked in the first five minutes is amazing. If you are someone who struggles with a distracted mind try reading genres that you know will get you hooked. For most people fiction is that genre, because it takes you to another world of someone’s imagination and your mind visualizes the marvels of someone’s creation.

Adds knowledge

Obviously any kind of book you read adds more to the bank of knowledge you carry. Now this is different for everyone, the type of knowledge anyone has or hoards is different from person to person, but there are ample books in the world to hoard on something right? In life, a person can steal many things from you, your wealth, health, everything, but not your knowledge. It is the bridge that keeps your soul going and growing. Knowledge is the eternal wealth one can carry across realms and pass it on. The basis on inheritance Is also the fact that we can pass on what we have learnt.

New ideas

The road to invention comes from discovery. When you read you enunciate ideas that help you change the world, and sometimes mere perspectives. There are autobiographies and biographies of famous people who could influence the world with their ideas, and the one common habit they have, they all read. Think of your mind as a machine to which books is the oil. What happens to a machine when it stops working, it is fueled. Similarly, any block in your head can be removed with some knowledge. So, if you have any innovative ideas read about them, in bits you could break it down to. If I were to write a book a would break down its content to subjects I could research on, and read about it for hours. Do you know how to do it now?

Escape from reality

Very often from the rush of our daily lives, we wish to escape from it to a quieter place where we could (for some time) forget everything and relax. Some prefer watching something, and some prefer reading books. Most people with a taste in readership indulge into poetic or fiction books that give their boredom the flight of ecstasy. Fiction books are the best fit if you are looking for a break in this world. They simply tell you stories of so many things and so many creatures that for once seemed impossible to happen.


Are you a parent of a toddler, or a child from age 4-10? If yes, a big part of your life goes into teaching them habits you want them to have. Reading is the best way to develop your Child’s brain. Children copy their adults so in order to teach them some habits, you would have to do them yourselves. If you want them to stay away from technology at least in their childhood, you would have to do so yourself. If you want them to read, then yes you guessed it, you have to start reading in front of them.

I remember my mom sitting with her books in front of me and my brother to make us do the same. And we did. When children read at an early age, their mind develops faster, their imagination reaches heights and these children are capable of much more when they reach of age.
Reading is not just a cognitive development for a child, but it also helps him to listen, understand and communicate better.

Improves memory

Yes, reading improves your memory. Reading improves the storage capacity of information in your brain which does the work of enhancing your memory without any effort. It acts as an exercise for your brain, that not only helps you remember better but also slows the process of ageing, thereby preventing diseases like dementia.

The more you read, the many neural connections form in your brain which enables you to link better with every piece of information you possess, also it creates synapses in your brain opening new areas to store information. It is an easy brain-stimulating activity, so don’t underestimate it.

Increases reading and thinking speed

Ever recorded your reading speed? Yes, it’s a thing and it is really important for people who work under stressful situations, like lawyers, managers, etc. The more you read, the faster you can read. It is like initial reading improves the stamina of your brain and help it last longer in exhausting situations where you are drowned in paperwork.

Regular readers are fast thinkers too because they re able to process the situation better and come out with solutions sooner than a person who doesn’t read enough.

Now that we are aware of so many benefits of reading, let’s see how can you get started. I promised you a reading list, so here I am, below are the books you should read before 2020 if you are starting now.

Reading list

  • Palace of illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
  • 7 habits of highly successful people by Stephen Covey
  • Norwegian wood by Haruki Murakami
  • Asura – The tale of the Vanquished by Anand Neelakantan
  • Life’s mazing secrets by Gaur Gopal Das
  • Love letters of great men Vol. 1 by John C Krikland
  • The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking
  • The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
Reading Bucket List

There you go, you have reasons to start reading today and a curated reading list, for you to get started. Do tell me if you find it interesting and if I have missed something. See you next time


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