Orgasm, Power and Pleasure

Orgasm, Power and Pleasure

Sex has always been a taboo and yet most discussed topic among us, especially males. Besides tech, pop culture, quantum mechanics, and the existence of life, sex always comes along with or without a can of beer. Long ago, sexual reproduction was just only a process by which new offsprings pop out of a living body until someone thought why is it so much fun? It has been a duty, and this stereotype is responsible for a large number of inconstant commitment and intimacy in a relationship.

Males have been enjoying sex the most for a long time, and it was one of the important recreational activities. Well, that clears up why the world is so overly populated, and why our ancestors had so many kids. They tend to think about sex at least once a day, and are quite easier to sexually arouse. But there is a lot of misunderstanding about men’s perspective regarding sex, about how they feel, engage, and response to this stimuli.

Welcome to Zen Habits, I am Divyansh Srivastava and I will take you through the magnificent yet malicious journey of acceptance of sex.

The idea

Sex over the ages has developed into so many forms rather than the plain old vanilla sex, which apparently is not boring at all. We have a menu prepared nowadays, with unheard fantasies and fetishes. I would have rated this article 18+ but our society has already deprived us of so much information that I rather make this one available. Did you know that some parts of the world cut or mutilate a woman’s vagina so that her sexual duties are limited to producing babies and not for pleasure at all? This ritual especially is carried out in African and Sout Asian tribes, who consider sex as a sin.

Initially, women had no say whatsoever in sexual indulgence in a relationship and still don’t. Despite Indians being the pioneers of sexual pleasure and erotica, we have somehow forgotten that a Woman also needs pleasure, more than just the responsibility of physical intimacy and the gravity of such relationships are enhanced when the woman is active in the act. Isn’t it?

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.

-Billy Crystal

The present culture of sex for men is not just being in bed, coitus, and release. This was, however, true and still is for many, but a lot of things have changed in the 21st century. Now, both men and women equally enjoy this magnificent feeling of contentment. Well, in past days there was a communication barrier between the couples as people only get to know each other after their marriage, which leads to a shyness between them (Especially in typical Indian arranged marriages), this gap was the hardest to bridge between couples, and mainly because of the culture.

Women on top

Sex as mostly associated with pleasure is really more about control. Even when the intimacy is consensual, (which it should always be, Researches have shown that most men like when their woman is in charge of the bed. Everyone enjoys the woman on top, while it is more visual, and sexy. It also depends on how active the woman is, that defines how soon the man ejaculates, but it is not mostly true. It is noted that stressed men do not perform well in bed.

Sex for men can be very different on the basis of the region he lives in, yet not entirely distinct. As in rural areas where the major profession is agriculture and farming, after a long exhausting and tiresome day how would sex be? This is a common scenario for both, men living in urban as well as rural areas. But something is different in urban areas, as they have more exposure it helps to build the bond between their partners. 

Foreplay matters to men too

Men are visual beings, and even if they are aroused utmost, they need the visual stimuli to reach the apex. Foreplay is the much-anticipated part of sex and the longer it is, the better experience you have. Consider it as an Investment whose returns are 10 folds multiplied. 

Although pleasure is physical, satisfaction is mental. Modern men don’t want to rush into things, slow is what they yearn. Every man fantasizes his perfect sex and it always starts with great foreplay where he tries to attain all the pleasure possible, and it is his important objective to give the same satisfaction he receives. It can be a very long list of ways to stimulate males, and visual is the most common one. Some men are shy, nevertheless, they desire to see their partners with admiration. When there is affection, they find no imperfection. They have desires and fantasies which is not necessarily fulfilled due to disagreements of the partner. But as we know, a healthy relationship is formed on the strong foundation of compromise and understanding.

Myths busted

It is a fallacy that men are confident while performing. There are many insecurities in males relating to their physical structure, and the penis sizes, and about satisfying their partner, all taking them on the rack. Does the size matter? Am I ejaculating too soon? How long will the coitus last? How will she feel? Will I be able to satisfy her? Is it ugly? Will it be painful for her? G-spot! What’s that? Despite all their insecurities they will try harder to be complete with their partner. And they expect co-operation and support regarding this.

Men’s pleasure button

“A man’s pleasure is lead from his stomach”, this is a fake saying. Of course, you can win his heart by some yummy culinary skills, but what both the partners crave is each other’s unfiltered love, with all fetishes counted in. There are many places you can make your man crave for you more, so strong that you can make him think of you just by your words. The nape of the neck, behind ears and a man’s nipple are to be counted in. If you want him to want you as bad as you want him, then girl, get on the nipple game like how you want to be treated. 

Inner thighs, butt (Yes, butt, men enjoy spanks too. just not as hard), Navel, Feet and toes. Did you also know that there is a skin that connects the testicles and penis together, and that place particularly stimulated brings a man the utmost pleasure? No? Thank me later.

It is often said that satisfying a man is very easy, but it is not true. A man has access to sex more than a woman and so for him, a woman stands out when they both reach their highs together. A man’s pleasurable book is just as complicated as a woman, but also very easy if you know what to do, and how to do it. Keeping this article discreet and respectful I tried to impart all the knowledge I could. 

Do tell me if I missed something, and I will surely reply. Let’s make our world a better place by giving and accepting the free choices of both parties, respecting their fetishes.

Have fun guys, 

See you next time


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