Nostalgic music & memories

Nostalgic music & memories

The best thing that happened to 90s kids is that we lived through that decade. I mean everything about the 90s is awesome, and it will be disrespecting for those memories to specify just one or two things. We didn’t grow up with the technology which abstains these sandbag-headed millennials to look up at the starry night and admire it. Our life revolved around Shaktiman, Cartoon Network, Mario, greeting cards, slam books, playing outdoors, and the good old Indian pop. Well, we may have grown rusty but we aren’t demented, Lucky Ali, Aryans, Alisha Chinai, Bombay Vikings, Falguni Pathak there’s no way we can forget them. If there was a genie my first wish will always be to go back in time and live that golden era time and again.

Not everything sucks here but the music, ugh. Badshah’s disgusting lyrics, Tony Kakkar’s dumb songs, and the remakes make me want to stab a screwdriver in my ear. The best thing about this decade in terms of music is that we don’t have to skip through each song in Walkman to the one we want to listen, and it’s easier to search the music now.
I have a cousin who always hears me complaining about this decade and asks me about the 90s. He is a millennial but still listens to me and wonders about that time, of course, I tell him just the cool stuff. There are some artists and music bands which I suggested him to listen, and he enjoys them.

1. Lucky Ali

The discreet voice of an angel lost among the blatant noises. Bollywood swallowed him but here he is, still rising and shining. His song “O Sanam” from his debut album stayed in the top 3 positions of the MTV Asia for 60 weeks. His songs are a blessing to mankind.

2. Aryans

The band members were almost in their 30s when they formed the band together. “Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra” was the greatest hit, which also gave Shahid Kapoor limelight. Their songs have meaningful lyrics and heartwarming music which never fails to melt our hearts.

3. Euphoria

When Bollywood produced garbage, this band blossomed with vibrant and soulful music. The best 90s indie-pop band surviving till now.

4. Alisha Chinai

She was 90s Queen of Indipop and was also called by the name Indian Madonna. She gave several hits song “Made in India” being the most popular one. Her songs were amazing for a cheerful day. She also won the Freddie Mercury Award for Artistic Excellence.

5. Falguni Pathak

We grew up listening to her songs and her sweet voice still brings all the nostalgia. Music videos of her songs gave an insight into the beautiful story in it, and also gave our childhood crushes like Ayesha Takia and Trisha.

Source: Official music video

6. Silk Route

This pop band is the reason we are absorbed with the voice, Mohit Chauhan. To keep our feelings alive their songs were all we need. I still wish that this band was a thing.

7. Stereo Nation

Known for the cheerful and foot-tapping songs. The beats in his songs made us groove our body all day long. The album “Hit the Deck” which spent over 36 weeks on the UK Asian pop charts at number one. His popular songs were “Pyar Ho Gaya”, “Nachenge Saari Raat”, and “Gallan Gorian” which also featured some actors who weren’t famous at that time.

8. Bombay Vikings

Their remix hits like “Kya Soorat Hai”, “Woh Chali” and “Chod Do Anchal” gave them huge popularity. The fusion of classic Bollywood style and European experimentation made their music style unique. Neeraj Shridhar, the lead singer gave numerous superhit songs in Bollywood.

bombay vikings

9. Strings

This Pakistani pop-rock band is renowned for stringed rhythms and melodious, poetic songs. This band is still active and have received many awards. The song “Najane Kyun” was part of the soundtrack for the movie Spider-Man 2.

Source: Wikipedia

10. Baba Sehgal

He made our childhood awesome by introducing crazy raps to us. He was way ahead of time and did already what Honey Singh, Badshah do now. Baba Sehgal was a definition of cool at that time.

The list can go on and it is incomplete without The Colonial Cousins, Babul Supriyo, Divya Khosla Kumar, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, KK, Kamaal Khan, Raghav Sanchar, Abhijeet Sawant, etc. Many artists from 90s rose to fame and many are lost in-crowd, but they will always be in heart and healing our soul. The music industry is introducing many good artists to us even now. But the beauty of 90s is gone, just gone and we are lost here in this void filled with pointless things distracting us from the real world of art and music. All these years but some part of us is still there in the 90s.

Hope this music trivia gave you a nice trip down to the memories lane. Stay tuned for more, we are shifting our pace and amid lockdown, there are many more nostalgic trips we can make.

Stay tuned and stay safe my pandas,


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