Netflix Bucket List

Netflix Bucket List

As digital media progressed in the past two years, online channels like Netflix, Amazon prime video etc. have been producing some very convincing stories with amazing shows and uncensored clips, these have become a boon to the people around the world among all age groups.

Welcome back today we shall discuss what is the most interesting must-watch series in 2020

Irrespective of the genre, Netflix shows you a percentage match of your favourite shows to watch predicting what you will like and what you want. Let’s see what’s on my list that I think you should watch

Starring Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas

Dexter (2006–2013) on IMDb

This one show will ebb all your instincts as the show goes on about a serial killer, Dexter Morgan who follows a code when murdering people. He is a good guy. Dexter Morgan is a blood-spatter analyst, in Miami Police. With a perfect job as a cover and all the information he needs, he is the most organized criminal who kills only those who get away from the law. You will love the show, because the character build-up is so great, that you will love our serial killer and want him to hunt. (This doesn’t mean you are evil). So, if you have those typical investigatory minds this is THE show for you.


    • The Game Changers

Starring James Wilks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrik Baboumian

The Game Changers (2018) on IMDb

This is a documentary, not a series but I think it is underrated. The spectacular research and work on this documentary are crazy. It will give you facts from all sides. This is a documentary on how people assume that vegan food makes you weak. It is a brief documentary about how athletes around the world switched their diets from meat to pure vegetarian food and noticed significant growth in their performance rates. They have detailed research thesis to back their claim that vegan food is way better than meat. If you are a health enthusiast, I urge you to watch this documentary.

    • Lucifer

Starring  Tom Ellis, Laura German, Lesley-Anne Brandt

Lucifer (2015– ) on IMDb

Watch the devil, Lucifer Morningstar walking the earth (LA) in the most charming desirable body whilst he draws out your deepest darkest desires. The paradigm when he starts changing and his denial to it is just something you can’t miss. Tom Ellis, the heartthrob of the show steals your heart with his funny yet very simple TRUTHS. If you are one among the many who think that the devil is evil, this show can change your point of view. Having seen many shows who portray the good and evil, this show in particular changes the dimensions of the story. Of course, it is fictional, but it is also driven by logic. For everyone who loves humour and investigatory stories winding into urban myths, this is one show you should watch.

    • iZombie

Starring Rose Mclver, Rahul Kohli, Malcom Goodwin

iZombie (2015–2019) on IMDb

Watch a happily engaged doctor, Olivia “Liv” Moore turn into a Zombie after she attends a boat party, eventually abandoning her career as a doctor and working in King County Morgue, whilst eating the brains of the corpses she autopsies. Watch her struggle through Zombie-sm breaking up with her fiancé, and upsetting all those around her as she solves homicide cases. She is stupid and a homicidal Zombie who realizes eating brains has given her some “abilities”. Watch her journey from an amateur Zombie to saving the city from becoming a Zombie-Nation.

    • Marianne

Starring  Victoire Du Bois, Clara Brajtman

Marianne (2019) on IMDb

This story is of a writer, Emma Larsimon who creates a fictional Character, Marianne. As her success reaches new highs in her life, she is pulled by a chain of incidents relating to her childhood revealing some painful secrets. Watch Emma fighting the most terrible demon of her dreams come to life while she discovers that this demon is very real. Knowing she will never be her of her town, she musters her courage to kill Marianne once and for all. But will she be able to do so? The scariest part is that it is based on a Pulitzer-Prize winning report of a real case, entitled “An Unbelievable Story of Rape” written by T. Christian Miller and Ken Armstrong.

Excited to watch these shows? I say binge-watch them today. Start off with the title that pleases you the most, let me know how you liked them.

Until next time folks


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