Morning Grind

Morning Grind

Mornings are the most meditative period in a day. There’s no doubt that waking up in the morning is a great habit to adopt. But people find it difficult because it is also the best time to sleep in your cosy bed, cool winds stroking your face and feeble sunlight filtered from windows shine on your face.

Did you know that 56% of men and 48% of women wake up early in the morning? There are raving theories all over the internet about waking up early in the morning but how can one really wake themselves up.

Well here are a few tips


woman stretching in bed

Stretching right after you wake up, ensures a better flow of blood all over your body. As soon as you wake up, step out of your bed and stand with your arms stretched up. Bend down and twist your upper body. Make sure you twist, move, stretch every limb, joint. This will help you stay awake and you will feel better too.

Another reason you should stretch after you wake up is, the satisfying sounds of body cracking. The cracking mechanism and the resulting sound is caused by carbon dioxide cavitation bubbles suddenly partially collapsing inside the joints. 

This feeling is like being your own chiropractor when you twist and turn to de-stress your body. Try it.

Drink water

woman drinking water

After a complete night rest, your body craves for water more than anything else. Hydrate yourself, sit down in an airy corner of your house maybe balcony or near to the window, and drink at least 2 glasses of water. Let the water be soaked in your body. Never stand and drink water.

The thirst that gets quenched in the morning contributes to the majority hydration in all your body parts evenly, so it is important that you drink more than just one glass. Also, if you are focusing on weight loss consume chilled water because that gets your metabolism started, as it takes lots of energy to convert the water into body temperature so that your body can absorb it, the fat stored is utilized for this which happens because of the overnight fasting. This is the key to the intermittent fasting technique, for weight loss.

Do a headstand


Doing a headstand or Sirshaasan is very good for the blood circulation to your brain. It improves your hand strength and also your sense of balance, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Headstands are typically tricky to start with hence it is advised that you first get on with at via wall support. one thing to remember is that your entire body weight is carried on by your upper arms, so it does not stress your neck and head. Headstand ensures blood flow reverse, that is more in your brain which can help in involuntary movements and subconscious decisions. it also builds up the initial upper arm strength that you require for your workouts and is a great pre-workout strategy to warm up your body.


woman praying


It is important that we begin our day with some positive energy. In the Hindu religion, mornings are welcomed by offering water to Lord Surya or Sun and pray to thank him for enlightening our lives daily and bring us lives.

There are people all over the world who have testified that praying brings them a feeling of overwhelm that happens when you feel that there something greater than ourselves guiding us. Even if you are an atheist you can thank the world around you, or simple thank that you woke up this morning alive and safe. Praying brings gratitude and humbleness in nature, therefore keeping you rooted despite your successes.


woman reading


Reading in the morning when you wake up, is the best way to start your day. But, don’t start with anything heavy. I’d suggest you read some spiritual book or scripts. some people pick up newspapers in the morning which is a very bad habit, as all the unfiltered news about chaos and world changes are fed to you right in the morning when all you should really be doing is relaxing.

Read your holy books, or read a book that you loved recently. I’m currently reading a book, EAT. PRAY. LOVE By Elizabeth Gilbert and this is a great start to my mornings. it makes me feel happy and thankful. Don’t reach for your phones or devices just after you wake up, because that again adds to your anxiety.




Morning rituals may differ from person to person, but the basics remain the same. Of course, you might feel different and change a few but I have come to notice that these habits make my morning blissful. If you are looking forward to more such articles let me know in the comments below. I will be delighted to share some more with you.

Until then folks,


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