Lust Story

Lust Story

Lust seems to be the easy way to engage in all the physical satisfaction one needs without having to deal with the drama a relationship can possibly bring into your life. It’s like enjoying your beer without growing a tummy. ( Yes, beer tends to bulge your belly). Imagine having to feel the tenderness of someone skin, and the warmth of their arms, and it ends there. Happily ever after. But is it so simple?

Lust otherwise known as “Kaama” or “Vaasna” is the root of desire in oneself. There are so many times when a human-driven by desire chooses the path of lust over love. Lust story is about how people today choose lust over love. Are you pursuing lust too? Read along.


There are no words that can possibly define love in its true context, but one thing I know is it is “freedom”. Everyone defines love according to their own understanding like one interprets the context of a book on their own perception. Any relationship that exists today, most of them aren’t love at all. There is control, desire to inhibit others, possession, and all other kinds of captivity that apply, mentally, physically or emotionally. Lord Krishna defines love in Bhagwat Gita as the freedom that will let you and your lover grow individually and together. The trust, benevolence, and ability to let someone free is what signifies true love. However, love today is in some way always related to some kind of gain. Parents love their children with a hope that they will be the torch of guidance in their old days, Young male/female love each other because either they are beautiful, rich or both. Sometimes people also express love to just gain the physical comfort they have been looking for.


Lust is the feeling of craving the human touch, desire to establish a physical relationship in layman terms to have sex. Sex isn’t really the culprit here, it is the ways people pursue to have sex. But do you think love and lust are the same? They can be in 2020. people find it easier to say “I love You” and then sleep with someone, rather than propose sex straight to someone. Reason? They fear to be judged. It feels luxurious according to people not acknowledging their emotional front and still be able to enjoy sex. Less drama after all.

The logic

The reason people choose lust can be two, Fear of commitment and bad experiences. Fear of commitment in oneself makes them shy away from even the right person because no one wishes to date the wrong person right? But who defines this right and wrong? There is only one thing that decides whether what we do abides by righteousness or revenge. Whatever happens to us, any incident is defined by what reaction we decorate it with.

Bad experience

One other thing is that people craving someone’s attention, are brought upon this idea, they think eventually lust will turn in love.
So is it wrong to take upon lust? NO, it isn’t. Experiences are what life is all about, and the struggle is never between peace and chaos, it is always between more chaotic and less chaotic. So whatever you get in life, is not always the result of an action, but an also be because of situations that you may not know of. In these cases, one must not lose the balance of their lives.

Un-fuck yourself

Leave all those incidents that fucked you up big time, behind, because nobody wishes to carry anyone else’s baggage of hurt. Would you do that for anyone? No, because even if you don’t say it out loud, and nobody knows everyone is busy solving their own lives puzzle.

There are instances where everyone thinks, “I wish i wasn’t like this”, well then stop being like that. Nothing can make you feel miserable until you give it the power to do so. Yes. there are instances in your life that showed you how bad you can get, and how bad people can get but if you let it define you, then there is nothing that can possibly help you. 

Don’t watch love stories.

Yes, this is one of the major issues especially in Bollywood that we are used to happy endings believing that love happens once and all that. IT IS NOT TRUE and I cannot stress this enough. No, there’s no fairy tale, and if you are living one maybe you are lucky, or maybe it’s a fallacy.

Watching love stories build up expectations, and they are all just stories, beautified and sugar-coated. None shows really all the problems people have, with each other. Relationships work two ways, and if you feel that there is only one person involved then maybe its time to leave.

Abstain from mini pleasures

Apart from all these logical points, we cannot argue more than lust drives 85% of the people. When you comment “hot” or “sexy” to any person irrespective of their gender, we objectify the person. And this cannot be blamed on patriarchal society, or feminism or Bollywood or Porn even. It is our lust that drives us to the mini-desires we feel.
The worst thing about desires, they give you a primary feeling of happiness which is what drives you to do those mistakes more.

Mini-pleasures also diminish the chances of feeling more pleasurable moments, that might actually bring us happiness. You may call them as fake orgasms, not specifically related to sex give you a sense of euphoria that makes you crave for it more, however, true happiness and pleasure is brought only with love as it brings both satisfaction and peace.

So next time you feel euphoric, think is it satisfying you or not?

Until next time buddies, take good care, bye

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