In sickness and health

In sickness and health

With a blow in the economy worldwide, courts weren’t expected to be functioning at all, but it looks like couples are in a wedding-spree. The world is  busy fighting coronavirus, yet amid all this, the first that catches our eye is, Weddings in a pandemic. What is making people come forward and involve in holy matrimony? Wanna know? Keep reading.

Delays and Cancellations

In the wake on Novel Corona Virus outbreak, couples are taking preventive measures to keep their Guests safe in every way they can, getting creative with the preparations but keeping the disease outbreak in mind. Where couples like, James Middleton (brother of Kate Middleton), Lala Kent and Randall Emmett postpone their wedding amid coronavirus outbreak, we have some celebrities who tied the knot, Brittany snow the “Pitch Perfect Star” and Indian YouTube sensation like Malvika Sitlani fiancé of Akhil Aryan, to the viral video of a couple getting married in NYC where people are cheering from balconies, and the ceremony done by a man on the balcony of marriage registrar office, this news have filled the world with glee.

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Picture Courtesy: James Middleton

Soon to be Newly-weds (Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom) are thinking to postpone their wedding, Indian big fat weddings like Ritwik Sharma and his fiancé have cancelled their wedding and,
Deepika Ghose, an Instagram influencer who planned a destination wedding in March, on the sunny beaches of Phuket, got married in a rather private event in Mumbai.

The Akika wedding

Some weddings had been planned this year and it was obviously not possible for anyone to anticipate worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus. Where people were planning to tie the knot, coronavirus had been spreading its dark wings across from china to the rest of the world slowly. As it crept closer people have been cancelling their big fat weddings and have settled for court registrations to make it legal, and later throw the party (of course).

Picture courtesy: Malvika Sitlani (Source Instagram)

Fans of the famous YouTuber Malvika Sitlani anticipated a grand wedding when her long term boyfriend, now husband Akhil Aryan, CEO of ION Energy proposed to her in Santorini, Greece Oct 2019. However, fans were left heartbroken when the couple got married on 17th March 2020. Following the event, later in a video, Malvika told her fans, she had been planning on getting married on this date(17th march) since she got engaged, and didn’t want to delay living with her fiancé. The couple got married in marriage registrar office Mumbai, but the celebrations are yet to happen.

The first dance has to wait.

While most couples have preponed their wedding in fear of how long the quarantine will last, their marriage celebrations have to wait. Quarantines all over the world have restricted public gatherings and sadly the bride and groom shall have to wait to break their leg on their favourite tune.

Uncertainty enhancing love.

With the fear of the pandemic, and uncertain on when will the love birds re-unite, about 15% of the world’s populations are stepping ahead to become each other’s spouse eternally. Not to underestimate the rising rates of the infection, there is also fear of whether they will see each other again. This has brought people closer and made them push ahead their wedding dates too.

Wedding Businesses

Surprisingly, there has been an immense amount of cooperation on the wedding planners side, seeing the urgency of the situation when the clients are calling their bookings off, or postponing these down haven’t caused any mellow on the people. Since it is mere postponements of wedding dates and not cancellation, the planners and couples are at ease. Wedding planners are expected to have a boom in business once this lockdown gets over.

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