Fine in Quarantine

Fine in Quarantine

Quarantines all over the world have people confused. Suddenly we have all this time with nowhere to go and everyone is clueless about what to do with it.
It’s like digital media had promised us a walk down to the altar to be with us in sickness and in health but suddenly our choices are falling short and there is an eternity of lockdown ahead by what it looks like.
Netflix doesn’t have enough shows to binge-watch, re-watching the same old shows isn’t getting any better. The colour of the walls don’t change by staring at them right? And the news isn’t something that is going to bring down the boils of boredom. So what can we do? Well I know, allow me to walk you through it, shall we?



  • Reading.

    The very first thing that comes to the mind of an introvert probably screaming to the hells is a lockdown. But poor extroverts need humans to talk to right? Who shall they charm now, books? YES! For once let the books charm you. Picking up a book seems too much of commitment right? But hey, it is the only quality time you spend with your inner self, so consider it as your reader baptism. Pick up a genre and get started, it could be anything from humour to thriller, the choice is all yours. But if you were to pick my choice give mythology fiction a go. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Podcasts and Audiobooks.

    Well, let’s say you didn’t come through the idea of reading, surely you can listen to something interesting too. Podcasts are the new cool! I have been listening to podcasts for about two years now and it is the best thing I can think of when I feel like getting away from music, books or people in general. Quarantines aren’t the only reason you need to put your headphones on and travel afar right? Brace yourselves and get on with podcasts based on criminology. The spookier the better. Audiobooks are other majors in the market, you can download your favourite books that you wanted to read for a long time and listen to it instead. Audible by Amazon features some of the most popular titles across the world if you are willing to try. audiobooks tend to grasp your attention unlike anything else, it’s storytelling for the grown-ups.


  • Create a ritual.

    When was the last time you gave yourself a proper pampering session? Amidst all the panic and work pressure I bet those eyes need a long sleep and that head needs some good massage, which makes it the best time to curate yourself a ritual that you can use every now and then to power backup from stressful situations. It could be you sitting in your balcony enjoying your cup of coffee or sitting in your favourite chair sipping some fine wine. Get on those thinking caps and ask yourself what relaxes your the most and ad a few more steps to it, before you know you will have your own “Ritual of peace”.
    Do tell me In the comment below what’s your go-to and I’ll share mine.


  • DIY.

    Do-it-yourself-ers are the best to try when you have time. Especially in work from home situations. It might sound a bit far-fetched but hear me out. Isn’t there something you want to invest your time in that will reap you sooner results than wait for the pandemic to calm down? So get on those aprons and make something, either for your health, appetite or self-love. I DIYed some skincare. Wanna know what they are? Comment down below so I could tell you. Most people sit down and doodle something, or paint or draw abstract designs or whatever they feel like because it just feels right to them.


  • Family.

    While most of us remain busy during our workdays, our parents sit at home waiting for us to call them and have the tiniest bit of conversation with us. And while we complain a lot about missing our family, most of us escape to the crowded clubs and malls on the weekend to spend our weekends. This lockdown has given us space to bond with our parents and spent some nice quality time at home. Cracking jokes, re-telling stories and ending conversations in either fights or lots of laughter is something you can enjoy only with your family. So give them time, and take a break, because you deserve it.


Having time handed out like this in the situation feels very stressful. Let us make every attempt to lighten the mood and stay safe in the comfort of our homes. Don’t take part in public gatherings for your safety and others



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