Doodle Troodle

Doodle Troodle

Have you ever noticed yourself scribbling random things on paper while your mind is trying to decide, or get out of a boring environment? Congratulations, this is called doodling. Doodling is an escape people prefer to take while their minds crave for some creativity, imagine it as the last fight your minds put up to stay attentive, the permission of free-draw gives you mind the energy to stay online just a little more. Doodles are of various patterns, human figures, animals etc. Doodles prove to boost up concentration levels while a person finds himself busy in daily lives and provide the ability to bounce back in life with a new zeal.

What is a doodle?

Doodles are tiny to large drawings that one draws absent-mindedly or consciously. They can be random patterns that you scribble while talking to someone over a phone call, or even during lectures. they can be drawn for fun and, even to create minor distractions for oneself. Doodles are known to draw attention to one place only because our brain is divided into two parts that function differently and the part that involves creativity is proven to have benefits on the overall mental health of a being. although doodles might look like mindless scribbles that are just random words, half drawn figures and something that may seem alien, these are used to determine the emotional and mental well being by scientists, as doodles can reveal what is going on in your unconscious mind.


Why doodle?

Doodling proves to be beneficial for memory boosting according to the research done by Harvard University Researches done to study the attention and focus of students during a lecture.

Did you know that the types of doodles you draw can predict the type of person you are?

Drawing/Creating something fun always yields energy and can be accounted for a free-spirited self. You can draw letters, patterns, anything because there is no rule. Doodling is the missing drawing classes from our childhood, that we need now more than ever. It seems as though we don’t need to draw anymore because we have grown up and have full-time jobs to attend to, but this gives us all the more reason to do so in the first place.

Start now

Now that we know what is a doodle? We shall see how many types there are, and there is no count. Every person has a different imagination and these thoughts are so palpable that they derive a million possibilities of how people can perceive and create things. However, there are always some famous styles that take the best stage, including cute cartoons, animal faces, polygonal patterns, spirals, honeycombs, checkerboards etc. Where to start? What do you need to doodle? Pen paper, or just a drawing application in your Smartphone/ tablet. Widely across the globe people use a black pen because of the contrast it creates on paper, but there is no rule like I said. Just draw what you want and unleash your creativity. You can search for doodles on Pinterest for some inspirations if you want to get an idea of what to draw. some worksheets have the basic layout drawn, and you only have to fill them with patterns that you like. Design them as you like, and even colour them.


Zentangles are the most popular type of doodles, they are in varied forms from complex to simple patterns mostly repetitive drawn within polygons or shapes of all sizes. They provide a difference in view when combined, because of all the variety of patterns which on completion look like a complete picture. The name itself includes “tangles” which means knots. These structured patterns are relaxing and easy to learn. Zenatngles are a combination of different patterns and styles of doodle basics that are inserted inside every figure you can imagine. they can be drawn inside the shapes of egg, dragon, leaf, bottles etc. The idea is to make these regular shapes seem dreamy and funky. merely drawing lines in all different directions can help you create patterns.


So what is stopping you? Escape the mental block for some time and draw something/ anything that pleases you!

Until next time

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