Don’ts in Quarantine

Don’ts in Quarantine

Hello everyone, Welcome back I have been thinking recently that everyone including me had been suggesting what we must be doing during these times spending our time lockup at home. Well, here are a few “what not to do” list that should help you get by.

When we sit at home with nothing to do, our mind begins to wander around making us do things which we otherwise wouldn’t and later regret. To avoid this post action regretting phase, and help you come ut of this quarantine without screwing up let’s see what is it that you most likely should avoid.

This is what the majority of us should NOT be doing. Remember you are only bored, you don’t miss them. Most certainly you don’t want them back (unless you really do, which is stupid). So, overthink all you want, imagine different scenarios but remember if they weren’t worth keeping, they aren’t worth having back too.

  • Don’t drink too much

I know chilling and having a good time is great and all, but every time you pick up that bottle of wine, you are deteriorating your skin, and getting too worked up about not being able to go outside. a glass or two is fine, but try not reaching out to the bottle too much, in this case also don’t get too dependent on caffeine. Remember, we don’t wanna come out as someone with a drinking problem.

  • Don’t work out too much

Now, my dear health freaks, I know this is a great opportunity for you to get those abs chiselled a bit more, but honey it is this once you get to relax, and give your body and mind some rest, and by overworking out you are torturing yourself when you should be catching up more relaxed hours in bed and learning something new.

  • Don’t sleep all-day

Oh, beds are the most comfortable places in the world, I know. but trust me you don’t wanna become lazy staying there all-day. catching up sleep at least 6-8 hours is a luxury sure, but oversleeping will leave you tired too. the idea is to have a good quality time and sleeping isn’t really that.

  • Share the load

Being at home means amazing food, and in case this quarantine extends which it is most likely to, no one but mothers will be the one with lots of work. everyone wishes to eat amazing food during the time they spend at home, and mothers are very warm and welcoming about this. But with more people in the house, and no help she is going to get really tired. So don’t just hog on food and sit there chilling, but go help her. Do your part, that will give her time to spend with you and enjoy this time too.

  • Don’t hoard groceries.

Some places, markets will open for 2 days if the lockdown is being extended, and to not cause a shortage of food and supplies to others. so, take on essentials but do not buy lots of stuff because you can, this lockdown is not going to last a lifetime. Keep staples that are mostly dry ingredients so that they don’t turn bad over time and you. will be good to go.

  • Mind your neighbours

Your comfort should not cause anyone discomfort. This is important for you to know if you live in apartments or houses close to each other. you might enjoy playing songs on full volume but your neighbours might not like it. So keeping that in mind, keep the volumes of your devices low, and have fun.

  • Don’t panic

As much fear that is building up inside you due to the social distancing pressure, don’t forget, our heroes are working to solve this issue as soon as possible. The least we can do is stay calm and have faith in them. So stay at home, halt your work life for a bit, because Govt. is not going to let anyone lose their jobs. Work from Home and Stay safe.

There you go, that wasn’t hard right? Just a couple of guidelines to let you and everyone else around you have fun.

Share this message with people to ensure that they look after others needs just like you are doing right now. Until Next time pandas.


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