Divinity Reverberations

Anyone who has ever read any book of the divine is aware other fact that God is the only truth and Evil exists. From thousands of years, we have been told to follow prayers and give into the divine with all the faith we have. Without questions. Is is always considered to be good to question the bad but always considered ill to question the good. 

Ever thought why?

I say we must question everything. Because without question there is no doubt, and without doubt there can be no religion. Why is it that we must follow some random rules and methods of prayers stipulated by the ancient. There must have been some other inspiration for their methods to pray to idols made of stone, and to worship a man crucified on a cross, or to pray with your knees bent to an empty space.

Having read a number of perspectives online and seen so many opinions I have drawn a conclusion of this. And if opinions are what gets us to the answer, why not make our own? Across the worlds there are thousands of cultures and religions that people follow. Some follow blindly and some are just lost. There is a common question though, does god exist? Is heaven and hell for real? I may have the answer.  We pray to this unknown source of power who has never shown his presence, yet we somehow feel that there is a higher presence that guards us. So was it substantial that man made himself believe that there was someone watching him over when he felt most vulnerable to dangers of the outside world and the ones that pose from within? From al collective knowledge that one has it is not wrong to say that god is the supreme knowledge of both worlds. The outside and the inside. There has been folklores and mythological stories about avatars and messengers of god walking across earth spreading the message of love and harmony. To follow their inner self and trust their judgements. To not fall for desires and greed of any kind. The scientific fictions that we have been reading also feature Norse gods and the catastrophic affects that unlimited and inaccessible knowledge leads humanity to. The question is that if god resembles eternal knowledge and benevolence, then are there more bits of information that perhaps humans themselves have kept to  avoid the end of the world?

And if god is actually endless knowledge why would he keep us from reaching out to him? The answer is simple and as contradictive it may sound its just perspective that keeps us from uniting to him. According to Hindu mythology as per the Bhagwat Gita states the cycle of rebirth and death continues until the individual souls realize their purpose and rightly achieve it, and when they deceive it they unite into god who is the righteous and eternal soul for peace. Sometimes this rebirth death cycles in hindered by our own needs and unfinished  wishes that makes us keep living on and on which is tiresome because we may never unite with his supreme self. So these theories and all over the world there has been only interpretations of what an individual assumes as his purpose and in his own way understands the message of god.  The creator and the destroyer in some religions is the same and in some they are different forms of one god.  Is it then safe to say that we ourselves create god and then eventually grow ignorant of the fact that the rules perhaps we made to follow are just hokum? Somewhere I read or heard that when man didn’t understand what sun was, and when days got hotter  he called it an almighty superpower and prayed to what he understood as a ritual and passed on to his offspring’s. Similar things happened when they faced rain and floods, and many more. Hence we know of so many forms of gods across many cultures. But the most fascinating facts are that across all these stories that we hear, the origin of these messengers or avatars of gods are drawn along a common line. For example Jesus was a shepherd across most versions of the story, and so was Lord  Krishna. So I guess like any Sci-Fi movies the stories are open for interpretations. What you choose to believe is upon you.

Talking majorly about Hinduism there are so many contradictory stories and they have loop holes too. Which apparently cannot be answered without logic. Now for one second lets just assume that God was actually a brilliant mind scientist or sage. And because there has always been proofs of using science across all these stories, lets also think that his conclusions and whatever he created was in fact drawn with pure logic. Then what about the illogical versions of stories? There has been foretelling about destructions and endings were actually because of their own imperfections. Which is not hard to tell. Raavan being the mot brilliant man was defeated by a 19 yr. old boy Ram because he was weak? No , because he was proud. That’s what we know. That’s what we have been told but what if I were to tell you that Raavan knew he would die by the hands of a Lord Vishnu Avatar so that he was reborn as not an Asura but a human. And that he had no intentions of kidnapping Sita because she was actually his own daughter. Well there are descriptions of Sita both as physically strong princess and resembling the Asuras. Strength was then defined as a trait of the Asuras and not the descendants of Divine.

Similarly many more different conclusion be drawn upon the folks of Mahabharata, and On Lord Shiva.

And if  we actually think and as the ancient yoga Studies and Scripts have suggested about the chakras in a human body be activated (all of them) a human taps into the power of self control, self sufficiency, and eternal knowledge. That is Man becomes God. This is what the scripts of Shiva have suggested as well as how the human girl Parvati tapped into her inner supreme self and united with Lord Shiva.

So if I were to tell you, that you can interpret anything and be righteous to yourself and those around you, you would still unite yourself with him. And that he exists, because otherwise your eyes would never fill up overwhelmed by seeing something spectacular or offering your prayers. And that how much ever you try you are bound to screw up some things so that we can re do it all over again without actually remembering that we did it. And that there are actually parallel universes where you might still be a kid and another where you are probably 70 year old living all the bad and good decisions you have made. And there might be another universe where you are sitting with the supremacy himself as the  content yourself smiling at all these possibilities you are thinking right now. Intellectually simulating isn’t it?

As far as I have understood religions and cultures are all about perspectives and divinity is all knowledge and possibilities. That whether your are a brahmin and choose to drink or eat meat it doesn’t matter unless it does it you. You decide what you want and how you want it. That everyone’s destiny is one but paths are different and it may take a millennia to reach there, or someone might just do it in one try. So why give it so much thought? Or why not give it a little thought? When science and religion have had  faded boundaries for so long why not merge them and draw conclusions and interpret and try to understand and figure out how to  get most out of what we learn. One path to unite with the one purest soul of the universe is knowledge and other is benevolence. So are you kind enough and is your heart big enough to hold empathy for all beings and still be placid inside enough to not let the  turmoil’s outside disturb the pool inside you. Men have spent their lives finding god when there was only one place to look. Within.

According to Islam there is divinity and evil both that sit on your shoulders. And In so many cultures it has been stated the fact that the devil is the favorite child of god. More like an abandoned child because of his mischief, abandoned for eternity. He is known for being notorious evil and a punisher or the evil too. Well the catch here is that, if devil himself is evil, how can he be authorized to punish others. Its like  keeping someone with bad judgement as the one who decides others fate in a court room. But it is what the entire history has inscribed in the books. Contradictory revelations and teachings. Lets just assume the fact that I am on a diet (which can never be true as I have zero patience, which is a topic for another day), but if I decide to cheat on my diet is it because the devil was whispering in my ear to eat that entire cake or because I was craving it. Now craving some of you will say is eagerness which implies to greed and that’s one of the seven grave sins. But all I did was eat an entire cake. I cannot blame it on anyone else, except me. Because in the end it will be me who will suffer  the consequences of that, and not the devil. Maybe he can punish me after death for not having patience but silly things like these or for that matter big mistakes like these aren’t supposed to be blamed on anyone else but ourselves.

Its similar like the pedagogy on creation  of god to set limits and rules and push people onto doing good, that man created devil to avoid himself from doing bad. Now this is a logical interpretation and that’s all we will ever know. Man creates or believes in some bigger force for whatever he fears or whatever he feels does good or bad to the world, and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs.

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