COVID-19 symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms

Coronavirus has been the talk of the town, in fact, the world, for weeks now. Yet, wrong information about it has been circulating on social media and WhatsApp groups like always. Today we are here to sure-shot discuss the symptoms to help you determine if you have caught the infection yet or not.

Dont spread the wrong information.

It is important to know that not everyone has to wear the masks around it is only for the infected pupil. just keep your hands clean wash them regularly and you will be fine. There are quarantines set up around the globe to help people already infected recover, and also to keep the infection contained from spreading more. To determine whether the symptoms you are noticing are of common cold or coronavirus aka COVID-19.

Let us see what are they


  • Dry cough

Coughing is a very common thing that happens due to change in weather, pollution, common cold etc. but when is it an indicator of COVID-19 infection? When it is dry. Coughing normally is followed by sebum production to lubricate your sore throat. It doesn’t happen when you are infected by the COVId-19 virus.


  • Fever and headache

Fever is common again because of many reasons, but if this symptom is something you can check out along with above-stated symptoms, isolate yourself, cover your mouth with a mask and check for more before you can be sure that you are infected. fever is often accompanied by headaches so it is important to know that just because you have a fever with a headache doesn’t necessarily mean you are COBID-19 positive.


  • Joint pain

Painful joints during these symptoms can be another thing you should check for, but make sure it is not because of your workouts, or any underlying condition you probably have like hyperthyroid, gout, etc.


  • Tiredness.

If you are feeling tired without a reason, and have all the above-stated symptoms you should get yourself tested. It is important to be sure and know that there is no reason to panic. Most of the cases around the world are recovering and so can you.


  • Difficulty in breathing

Panting, or difficulty in breathing can be caused by acidity, working out too much pollution, or asthma allergies. But if you don’t have any of the above, and also see yourself having dry cough. Although this happens in severe cases, where you should be isolated from your friends and family to not spread the same.



Make a list of all these symptoms if you wish to find out whether you are COVID-19 positive. Remember the last thing we want to create is panic. Let’s fight this together, and stop spreading wrong information. Let’s progressively attempt to counter this situation by combating it the right way.


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