What it means is debatable but of course, all things are balanced as per me in my view of it well, what it means or at least what I specifically understand about it is when something is countered with Now I am quite a reader myself in secret, I read about an ancient Chinese philosophy according to which the yin and the yang are the exact opposites of each other that is they completely different from each other like good and evil justice-injustice, light darkness and so on Whenever one claims to say that this is the truth or that’s a false or a lie, take a break and ask him and also yourself, are you sure of it?

It’s the perception that tells you so, well there we go again different minds means different perceptions and different views and an individual will obviously tend to believe his or her perception or view until otherwise corrected or proved wrong or given a new perception It’s the balance that we are all part of, at the universal level, country level, state level or your any other so-called levels anything that you could think of is balanced if you don’t think so it is, take a minute and think of it you’ll realise that it is balanced.

All we see and all that we don’t balance, it goes in a circle in reality or actuality it has neither a beginning nor an end If you were to pick anything randomly and think about it for a while you’ll surely end up with one common conclusion that it is a part of the great process that is “the balance”, Well it’s not easy to explain one might take years to understand if he is bonded with his ego, to grasp something as I know of it you require an opened hand with which you can pour it into the ocean of knowledge and quench your soul’s thirst but, with ego, you can never make a vessel of your hand to quench your so-called thirst but indeed if you let go of your ego it nearly takes a second to grasp it, make a grip over it, the truth is never too bright to see but it is what has always kept the darkness away from us but don’t you think that darkness is nothing but the absence of light ???

Everything you do is always balanced out either immediately or with a slight delay but it always is and it’s essential or you can understand it as the Hindu mythological character “karma” is “that, it never misses an address“, allow me to put it this way you breathe and you breathe out, if there’s good there’s also the presence of evil if there’s creation there’s also destruction and both of them needs the other one or it will either fade away or will have no value in the end, think of it this the way you value light only because of the darkness if there was no darkness you would’ve never valued the light you value your life, you work day and night cause you are aware of the bitter fact someday you have to end yourself as well and before that, you have to be successful according to you and your definition of success cause this is at least what I’ve seen as the definition of success is different for everyone but has one thing eventually in it, it’s the freedom to wanna live your life as you’ve always imagined, on your terms


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Everything that we do, we feel, we see and that we cannot see have all one thing in common it’s balanced to a level where each of them needs the other one for itself and if one tries to overrule the other there’s devastation like war crime death chaos or things of similar magnitude on the positive scale it is always balanced in reality but it is not always thought as much the visualises think of it as that positivity has tipped the scale of the cosmic balance and suppressed the negative side but that’s not always the case that’s never the case it just got balanced out as it always was and is always meant to be, take the case of the human civilisation for example we created weapons of mass destruction and we also made the Nobel peace prize to lessen our guilt of creating weapons that can wipe us all from existence and we made medicines to save thousands of kids from the deadly poliovirus, we are balanced in our society we have men and women, kids and senior citizens if a crime is committed then justice for it is brought down, taking it to a bigger scale, at the universal scale we have planets as hot as the venus and as cold as the Neptune.

Moving on towards a rare example if we have a God who is considered to be the holiest and then we have devil who is certainly not holy, it turns out everything is balanced, your brain has the power over your body and your conscience over your soul so the moment you realise the depth of this that is the moment in time you’ll turn into what you are mean to be, you’re more powerful than you think your mind can control the cosmos, god gave you enough power to do whatever you set your mind to just like “Jean Grey”, the phoenix in X-Men Series of marvel, don’t celebrate yet, to use and control it you’ll have to embrace the other side of your conscience just like the moon you have only seen one side of yourself the other side is locked away, wish to unlock it?

Well I can give you a kickstart at least you have to start doing things that you have never done you’ll first have to overcome your fear, now not to fear is something that you have to master after that we can get to the tougher part but till then enjoy your fear when you are done with it we have the real game loading up for you you’ll have to do one rare exercise you’ll have to master this and it’s this one name, this one exercise which is gonna haunt you for the rest of your journey if you still opt for this path of unlocking your greatest power, it’s called “yoga”, whoa!!


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Now don’t laugh yet it’s not what you think it is, as I said you’ll have to master it and unlock all the 7 chakras in your body well it is certainly mentioned in the books of Hindu mythology which refers to these terms, “yoga” and the “7 chakras” and the creator of this rare form of exercise the one above all who actually created the creator himself “Shiva” or “Mahadev”, a Hindu deity also referred to as the “god of destruction” who himself vows destruction when it’s ner time for a new creation in the cosmos …..

Again ….. it’s balanced, he is the master of yoga well the 7 chakras in the human body unlocking them gives you power beyond imagination and are unlocked through this exercise of the spirit, conscience or generally your inner self it has many names “yoga”, “meditation”, “tap” etc, it’s not easy to unlock these chakras but then nothing is the soonest you can get’em all unlocked would be like a couple of centuries from now on if you start this very moment it requires silence and to know yourself completely down to the core of every cell and when you know yourself completely only then can you control yourself and your brain completely ain’t this math right according to ya?

I’m not bluffing about it here, so wondering how you would do it? Well, the one-word answer to this in hibernation. Now i think you know what that is but if you don’t then here’s the answer , it is the process in which an animal eats plenty of food and goes to sleep in the season that is not so favourable for their kind this period uslually lasts for about 4 to 5 months that’s generally throughout winters , in this process their hear beat count goes down to 2 beats per minute now i’m certainly not a cardiologist but i do know this that with this heart beat they can live upto whatever time they want to without eating and drinking , researchers and scientists have found humans in similar condition in the himalays a young range of mountains to the north of the indian subcontinent Thought there’s not much of evidence of to go with but meditation really has some fascinating results for humans to attain such a state called a “samadhi” in the hindu mythology , they need to unlock atleast their 3rd chakra or nearly 40% of their cerebral capacity so why not give it a try , now you must be aware of the name “thanos” even he wanted to restore balance to the universe .

Now I know I’ve piqued your interest but everything that starts has to end I mean that’s what balance is all about ain’t it? So, for the sake of the balance see ya amigos Check back soon for a blog to blow your minds off.

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