7 Zen habits that will change your life

7 Zen habits that will change your life

Zen, is a Japanese term that emphasizes the value of mediation and intuition rather than ritual worship and study of the scriptures. Zen aims to reach sudden enlightenment (satori) via meditation seated in a posture called “Zazen”, usually under the guidance of a teacher, to transcend rational thoughts using paradoxical statements which are known as Koans. Zen is the essence of life in the form of energy that changes the way one looks at life in general. Its original meaning comes to inform of mediations and internal introspection. There are several ways in which one can capacitate this into their lives.

Here are 7 habits that will change your life


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Where today everyone’s life is a rush, it becomes essential that we stop and breathe in fresh air to give ourselves that one pause, that one break our mind needs. Being busy with work, deadlines, chores and even bringing up pets or children can be exhausting mentally. And even if you deny taking a break you must, STOP and Breathe. Give yourself a spacer from the chaos and connect with yourself on a deeper level. Doing this when you are swamped in work will give you the peace and strength to move forward. As it has been stated wisely


Breathing is the link between body and soul

-Dan Brule


Rapid breathing is a sign of erratic behaviour, and controlled breathing symbolizes controlled mind. When your vitals can be handled in such a simple way as breathing calmly why not do it. Generally, 7 deep, focused, deliberate breaths are enough.

Tell a new story

The affirmation one gives to self is what is stored in our subconscious mind forever. When we tell ourselves that we are short-tempered and under pressure, yet you are yearning to remain calmer, then you are telling yourself the wrong story. That is what our minds commit to in future situations. To avoid this we must tell ourselves stories, of our creation and positivity. Telling a story is the most profound way to stick with new habits.

Communicate with yourself, and talk like you are performing an “Improv”.

This boosts up self-confidence. An improv is an act where you pick a random situation and improvise with every sentence of it. Like there is no logic or denying of the situation, follow a simple rule “yes, and..” after every sentence.

Affirm yourself daily that:

  • I am (your name), who is the bearer of goodness in my life
  • I am (your name), who is calm and resilient

Affirming yourself with these positive thoughts daily will bring in a new light to your life


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Smiling reduces anxiety about 10 times than talking, and this doesn’t just apply to you, but also the people around you. A smile that you give to a stranger or your family members can make their day, but also stimulate the “happy hormones” for yourself. Delivering and receiving “Happy hormones”, is a great way to start your day, and to do that you just have to work your facial muscles a little. So why not do it? Both the bearer and receiver of the emotion would be the beneficiaries and they would further spread it to the people they meet. So, just by smiling if you can make someone’s day isn’t it better to greet someone with a smile and a good day perhaps?

Sometimes joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy

-Thich Nhat Hanh

There are times when we beat ourselves hard to work, and match deadlines. it seems the only joy in our lives is via material things, and it is these times where we must look ourselves in the mirror and smile. Smile and get over it, Smile and move forward because if there is anyone responsible for your joy, it is YOU.

Change your perception


Difficulty is the ancient tool that helps us define who we are

-Paulo Coelho

Everyone is aware of the 6-9 theory which suggests that any individual reacts to any situation according to what he perceives… There are situations in life when we react certain way considering that only our POV matters because that is what we primarily understand. I urge you to change your perception of how you interpret something and see the “good” in everything. There is something positive in everything and it just waits there for you to seek. Only if you seek the positive, the change in your perception approach to life will bring up ample peace and opportunities. Perception of suffering is also a key thing you should be reprogrammed in this attempt. It is written in Hindu scriptures that hardships and challenges in life bring out the truest nature of oneself. The harm that you inflict on others by your wrong perception applies to you too. If you think that you are getting into trouble or facing failures because you deserve it, then you are wrong.

Instead, ask the question “what is this teaching me?”

Befriending Nature

When you close your heart to nature, you close your soul to eternal peace

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The modern world has many media, internet, TV, and somehow we often lose touch with nature. This causes constant mental clutter and noise in our heads, which makes us tired. What we need in a situation like this is, a Digital Detox.

Digital Detox is when you shut yourself from reaching out to technology and spend some time in hobbies like, gardening, or exercising in nature, staring at stars or just reading a book beneath a tree. Go to nature, go camping, hiking and other outdoor activities to re-sanitize yourself and give your soul some quality time. This Zen habit will alone change the stressful environment you live in.

Be present


When you are in one place, be completely present there. From your mind and soul.

Every single day of our lives, we have one leg in the present and one leg in the future. We are constantly working towards building what we feel is a happy place in future for us.  But, it is important to be present in the moment you are living now, for this may never return. This should be fixed beyond just a daily habit. Look around yourself, seek the purpose of your current situation and clear your mind.

Don’t forget to take deep breaths often you absorb everything around you forever.


Meditation is the path to eternal peace

Meditation is the ace card of all Zen Habits you can play out. This habit is what gets you to see beyond the line of life. It is said that any person who meditates has all his chakras under control and thus leads a happy and content life. We all know that humans have 7 chakras in our bodies, which are mainly 7 energy pints. Accessing these chakras, all of them is what will get your closer to your soul, but meditation isn’t just about that. This zen habit will connect you to the realm of your soul. Tap into the energy and the knowledge that your soul possess for several lifetimes.

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Meditation isn’t sitting cross-legged on a mat and breathing, it can be anything, You can do yoga, listen to music that calms you, you can dance to some jazz music or read a book. Until you are tapping into the eternal peace that activity provides you it is all meditation.

Takeaways from this article?

  • 7 deep focused breaths daily are crucial.
  • Telling yourself good things come from you for you
  • spending time in nature
  • Meditation is the key
  • Smiling is important
  • Perception about difficulties matter.
  • The present is where you need to live.

Wishing that these Zen habits will lead you to a better life, and bring some changes too.

Until next time folks,


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