5 ways to stay clean

5 ways to stay clean

There is a high pandemic alert going on around the world right now, where everyone is going bonkers about cleanliness, but the irony is that a disease was able to cause a change that most people don’t adapt unless critically important. Yes, it’s hygiene. Are people so ignorant that only the outbreak of a disease is going to hold us back from not staying clean? I doubt it. Let’s learn how to stay clean in all seasons under all circumstances, shall we?

There are so many ways we avoid maintaining this very important step because we are so busy in our lives that we hardly find the time. Well, this is no excuse to stay dirty, not even laziness. Take baths twice a day, was your intimates every time you use the loo. Wash your hands every time after using a loo, before eating, and after playing with your pets. Using sanitizer always is not advisory but use it where you don’t have soap and water. Change your bed covers and bedsheet every 4 days to ensure your health.


  • Laundry.

Washing your clothes with hands is a long-gone habit right? We are so used to shoving our clothes in the washer and dryer that we don’t even wash our undies. Well, you know what? Wash them. Before a bath make it a point to wash your inners with an antiseptic liquid-like Dettol, and this is not enough.  Ironing the clothes has more to it than just making your clothes wrinkle-free. The heat kills the germs that live on the clothes in case you don’t air-dry them in the sun. so, wash and iron your clothes or simple air-dry them in the hot sun. that shall do the trick


  • Clean your home.

Most of us live in apartments and come regularly in contact with metal surfaces, or any surface for that matter. The fridge top, oven, taps, door handles etc. these need to be cleaned regularly. It can help you in keeping your home squeaky clean and shiny. (I flaunt about my clean home all the time). From the loo to the kitchen when everything is spotless and smells good it brings on another level of peace to you. Try it. Most important thing? Keep your wardrobe organized.


  • Clean hands count

Before the pandemic alert, people never cleaned their hands, and imagine where all your hands go during the day. Gross right? Why wait for a disease to teach us this basic habit. As Bunty from lifebuoy ad says, wash your hands with soap for at least 1 min. if you don’t have soap around carrying a sanitizer.


  • Go vegan

Now I’m not saying that eating your favourite chicken dish now is going to make you sick, but vegan food strengthens up your immunity better than meat. Those pulses and green veggies will make you stronger from within not letting you succumb to sickness in any situation, be it today or in future. Well, if you want you can cheat in middle but mostly keep vegan.

So buddies, here we 5 ways you can counter any germ, just know well enough to wash those hands.

Cleanliness leads to godliness



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