The Dating Paraphernalia

Be it feminism. Hook-up culture or Hip – Pop culture. India is a very diverse crowd. And so are our choices. It is very easy to offend us, and it is even easier to make us fall in love with other cultures. We define Crazy.

The inheritance Equation

Nurturing a child’s behavior specially a male child begins at home from his immediate relations like father, grandfather or so. The way you behave at home with your mothers or wives or sisters will ultimately influence your own kid to do the same and he

The Wardrobe Malfunction?

Wardrobe Malfunctions are a current outgoing topic. its boundaries aren’t defined by the owners of the wardrobe but other critics who sit either in their homes judging people from a 15″ screen or people who sit by the road staring at people walking past. Well

Divinity Reverberations

Anyone who has ever read any book of the divine is aware other fact that God is the only truth and Evil exists. From thousands of years, we have been told to follow prayers and give into the divine with all the faith we have.

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